About me

Hello everyone!

I’m Thuthi, known online as May La Petite. This nickname was based on the resemblance of my Czech name with one of the months. Well, guess which one? You are probably curious why “la petite” as well. It’s simple – I’m small.

When I am around my friends, I like to show off, be the centre of attention and sometimes I even make fun of myself. I talk a lot, maybe more than is healthy. Once I start, I can’t stop. I often interrupt people while speaking, so I can myself tell others what I bear in mind. However, when I am in a new environment, I suddenly become introvert, shy and quiet. I don’t get easily angry or offended, but when I do, it won’t last for long. I keep smiling and enjoying every moment of life, because life is too short to worry about anything. Sure, we all do have those weak moments, but I try to keep it for myself. I don’t want anybody to see me when I am crying. I am also naïve and hopeless romantic and dreamer.

I have younger sister, love cats and in my free time, I like to dance, read, learn new languages and travel. This is why I am here. I want to share with you not only my travel experience, but also my personal life.

So stay tuned!